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4th August Madonna's Re-invention Tour reaches Britain - openingin Manchester for two nights on 14th and 15th then moving on to London Earls Court on 18th and 19th and Wembley Arena on 22nd, 23rd, 25th and 26th August. This tour, which is already on track to be the highest-grossing of the year, is not only Madonna's biggest, it is also rumoured to be her last.

14th August will also see the publication of MADONNA IN ART by Pop Art Books, a celebration of this legend and every stage of her career. With her genius for re-invention, Madonna has been all things to all people and all are represented here together for the first time.

MADONNA IN ART showcases the work of 116 artists from 23 different countries, a testament to her amazing global impact. This exceptional compilation of art consists of paintings, drawings, graphics and photo-realistic portraits and, just as Madonna has presented us with a myriad of images and creations, so too have the artists gathered here to form this collection.

Mem Mehmet has been an avid follower of Madonna's career since he first heard Holiday in 1983. Workin in the airline industry presented him with the ideal opportunity to collect memorabilia of his favourite star fom around the world and this unique book represents the culmination of many years spent searching out images of Madonna. Mem has met many of the artists featured in the book - some have become personal friends - and he now owns a significant number of paintings himself, several of which were created especially for MADONNA IN ART.

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Madonna made in Sommerach

Christine Dumbsky and the world star

Madonna has many faces, she invents herself anew every time - she's just special .The book is about the fact that the singer will be examined from all sides.

Extremly exciting is that 116 artists from 23 countries do show this multi talent with their own viewpoint.

This illustre society is joined by the Sommerach artist Christine Dumbsky. Her Madonna portrait is shown at page 149 of the book, which is released right to the point. Since it is rumoured to be the last tour of the American singer.

(Frank Weichhan)








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