Bodyart - Movie "a veces tu sientes"

Visualisierung eines Gedichtes
visualisize a poem

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Original lyrics by Dieter Klier:

Sometimes you feel you found a trace,
in someones words, somebodies face,
and you dig deeper for a heart on fire,
a burning love - a strong desire.

We've gone through many darkest nights,
when there were not much stars in sight,
you got to hold on to the search you're on,
you got to find the only one.

Over and over the wheels crash,
onto the last bash,
you're digging for gold,
Over and over the wheels turn,
onto the last yearn,
you're digging for gold.


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Photos: Kurt Röhrken
Bodypainting, music and idea: Christine Dumbsky
Model: Silvie
Original words by Dieter Klier
Translation Spanish: Christine
Music: Christine Dumbsky