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Make-Up/Styling/Bodyart, Music & Animation by Christine Dumbsky
Photos: Christine Dumbsky/Pressebüro Kurt Röhrken
Special Thanks to the models: Dominik & Mariselle

I'm blue - BodyART & FineART/VideoArt - freedom for the arts

FineART & BodyART by the Artist Christine Dumbsky
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The Video is about Bodypainting, where bodyart in combination with video, music and the movement and acting of the model interact with each other. The aim was to tell a story without words - just by arranging the images. Art, FineArt, Paintings, painting, Popart, pop art, gemälde, gemaelde, malerei, videokunst, videoart, to be blue, blue, blau, blau sein, blau machen, bunt statt blau etc. shall find a visuall expression to be understood in each language without using the words. Christine Dumbsky is specialized in Bodypainting, Bodypaint, Body paint, body paints, Bodypaints, Bodypaintings, Bodyart Art, bodyart, bodyarts, art on skin, makeup, make-up, cosmetics, kosmetik, körperbemalung, körperbemalungen, koerperbemalung, koerperbemalungen, womenpaintings, womenpaint, live art, liveart, airbrush, airbrushbodypaint, airbrushbodypaintings, airbrushbodypainting however you will name it. Christine Dumbsky is a traditional painter and because of her search for the answer to the question how the model can transform to and into art totally lead her to the bodyarts, where she became one of the top 10 bodypainting artists in the world. She's an artist that combines genres and sets video, music, bodypaint and traditional painting into interaction - a different exciting kind of art.

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